Open Hands, Open Hearts

"Dana is the spirit and act of generosity.  Its salutary effects are endless, and they multiply beyond measure at each point of renewal... The very stars hold themselves on course through a mutual interchange of energy." ⎯ Aitken Roshi

The practice of generosity, Dana – “offering freely that which can be given” is the foundation upon which the Buddhist tradition and Mountain Lamp Community rests. Your gifts of time, skills, wisdom, compassion, materials and monetary resources allow us to build our community and maintain this sacred space. It is through your generosity that Mountain Lamp exists and will sustain itself for centuries to come.

Ways to Give

  • Offering Service - It's fun to work with others who share our values and a love of the land.
  • Offering Financial Support allows us to continue and grow as a self-sustaining community.

All gifts to Mountain Lamp are fully tax deductible as a contribution to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.