Calendar & Practice

Update on Covid-19: Due to the current pandemic, we are not having any retreats or activities on-site over the summer, however, the Board will be reviewing the situation regularly. Stay tuned for the next updates which will come at the end of August. Please enjoy your at-home practice with the mahasangha—the thrush, summer breezes, mosquitoes, and bugs. They are all practicing for your benefit and you can do no less for them.

Hello TTS members and friends,

As announced before, we will have an intensive retreat led by Jack, Madelon, and Lee coming up. The detailed schedule is below. Here is an overall summary of the 3 days:

Friday:           6:30pm - 9:45pm

Saturday:       8:15am - 12:30pm & 2:30 - 5:00 & 7:00 - 9:30pm

Sunday:         8:15am - 12:30pm & 2:30 - 5:00 pm

Dokusan with Jack will be offered to full-time participants. If you plan to attend full-time, please register.

Interviews with Madelon and Lee will be offered to all: Details as to how dokusan and interviews will be conducted will be explained in future announcements.

Registration: It would be helpful if all participants would send an email confirming your plan for attendance to Shelley Farber (click here), including your phone number. Registration is necessary for full-time participants who would like dokusan with Jack. All are welcome to attend at the last minute as well.

Zoom: A link will be sent to the list of TTS members and friends prior to the weekend.

Dana: There will be no set fee for this retreat. We will ask for dana for the teaching. As you think about what to give, please remember Jack’s commitment to practice year-round, and to each of us and all of us during a retreat.

Dana can be sent to: Jack Duffy, Box 512, Deming, WA 98244, or to the Mountain Lamp PayPal account with a note that it is for Jack.


Friday, August 7, 2020:

6:30pm               introductions, instruction on retreat Zoom use

6:55pm               be seated (audio & video off)

7:00pm               zazen [kinhin 7:25-7:35]

8:35pm               dokusan (for full time), interviews

9:30pm               Four Infinite Vows, closing

Saturday 8:15—samu; 8:45 gather on Zoom, instruction as needed

8:55am                be seated (audio & video off)

9:00am                5 Remembrances, zazen, kinhin

10:20am              sutras

11:00am               zazen, dokusan, interviews, kinhin

12:30pm               lunch prep; video on for announcement, gathas, off for                              meal


1:00pm                  opening meal gatha

1:20pm                  closing meal gatha


2:25pm                 be seated

2:30pm                  zazen, kinhin

3:05pm                 (On Opening the Dharma) Teisho (Shiku Seigan Mon)

3:45pm                   zazen, dokusan, interviews

5:00pm                   supper prep; video on for announcement, gathas, off for                              meal


5:30pm                    opening meal gatha

5:50pm                    closing meal gatha


6:55pm                    be seated

7:00pm                    zazen, kinhin

7:35pm                    dokusan, interviews

9:10pm                    Four Infinite Vows, closing


Sunday (Same as Saturday until 5 PM)

Work Retreats


CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)

Sati Retreats

In order to facilitate practice and settle the mind, Sati Retreats at Mountain Lamp are conducted wholly in friendly noble silence. In addition to walking meditation outdoors, Dharma Talks, and communal meals, we have periods of sitting and indoor walking meditation throughout the day. On retreat, we commit to participating in the full schedule in order to support each other in practice.

20-25 June - CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)Diamonds in the Rough Retreat, with Eileen Kiera
18-19 July - CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)A Retreat for Beginning & Beyond, with Kate Marchevskova & Suzanne Cooper
11-16 August - CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)Nurturing the Body of Wisdom, with Sheila Canal & Kate Marchevskova

Quiet Days of Practice

A quiet day is an invitation to put aside the busy-ness of our lives to experience the peace and freedom that are always available, both within and around us. We come together in friendly, companionable silence and allow the sound of the wind and the songs of the birds to nourish and restore us. We practice sitting and walking meditation, share a potluck vegetarian meal, enjoy a Dharma talk by one of our teachers and walk together in awareness through the wild and open beauty of the North Cascade foothills. We end the day with guided relaxation and Buddhist sutras, freely offering to all beings the benefits of our time together.

All are welcome. No experience is necessary.

Hours: 10am – 4pm

Please bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share

CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)

Sesshin & Zazenkai with Jack Duffy

10 - 12 July [via Zoom]with Jack Duffy - Please register via Three Treasures Sangha
7 - 9 August [via Zoom]with Jack Duffy - Please register via Three Treasures Sangha
5 - 12 September [via Zoom]with Jack Duffy - Please register via Three Treasures Sangha
14 - 18 October [via Zoom]Spokane / Palouse zoom retreat - Registration & Schedule TBA soon
6 - 8 November [via Zoom]Zoom Retreat - Registration TBA
28 November-6 DecemberWinter Bones Sesshin, with Jack Duffy
4 - 11 April - CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)Branching Moon Sesshin, with Jack Duffy, hosted by Three Treasures Sangha
25 - 28 June - CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)Great Vow Retreat, with Jack Duffy
5 - 12 September - CANCELLED (Cancelled: Covid Precaution)Broken Raven Sesshin, with Jack Duffy, hosted by Three Treasures Sangha