Calendar & Practice

Sati Retreats

During SATI 2019 summer retreats, we will practice and deepen our understanding of three sutras important in Buddhist practice. These retreats will be led by teachers and apprentice teachers in the Plum Village tradition who have been co-leading retreats at Mountain Lamp for the past two years.

In order to facilitate practice and settle the mind, Sati Retreats at Mountain Lamp are conducted wholly in friendly noble silence. In addition to walking meditation outdoors, Dharma Talks, and communal meals, we have periods of sitting and indoor walking meditation throughout the day. On retreat, we commit to participating in the full schedule in order to support each other in practice.


The Way of the Bodhisattva, led by Eileen Kiera

Studying and practicing the Way of the Bodhisattva together, we develop our human potential for compassion. In our retreat, we will sit, walk, eat and work, cherishing our time together in companionable silence. At the end of the retreat, we will have a ceremony of transmission where Kate Marchevskova will receive the Lamp as a Mountain Lamp teacher in the Sati tradition.

We urge you to register early for this retreat, which has already begun to fill. Please consider camping if you are able to. Indoor sleeping is limited to 20 people.

We invite those who cannot attend the full week long retreat to join us on the morning of August 4th for the Lamp Transmission Ceremony, and a celebratory lunch at the end of the retreat. The ceremony will begin at 10am If you wish to attend the ceremony, please fill out a registration form at, so we can plan for your presence. We ask that you arrive Mountain Lamp in silence, no later than 9:45am.
28 July - 4 August
On Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone, led by Sheila Canal & Kate Marchevskova

What is our relationship with our minds? Do we have regrets about the past, fantasies about the future? Do we lose ourselves in distractions, craving and jealousy? 2600 years ago the Buddha taught exactly about these very modern questions. On retreat we have the opportunity to bring the Buddha’s ancient wisdom alive for each of us in the very here and now. When we explore the Discourse on the Better Way to Live Alone, we discover one of the foundations of meditation practice. We look deeply at life as it is with the intention to dwell in stability and freedom. On retreat together we give each other the spaciousness to find our own truth.
28 August - 2 September

Quiet Days of Practice

Quiet Days of Practice last from 10:00am to 4:00pm and include sitting and walking meditation, a Dharma Talk, and a formal lunch (potluck).  Led by Kate Marchevskova & Eileen Kiera.

Quiet Day of Practice, led by Kate Marchevskova & Eileen KieraSeptember 28

Sesshin & Zazenkai with Jack Duffy

Great Vow Retreat (Jukai Ceremony), with Jack Duffy18 - 21 July
Sesshin, with Jack Duffy, hosted by Three Treasures Sangha7 - 14 September ( visit Three Treasures Sangha website for more information )
Kairos retreat in Spokane, with Jack DuffyOctober 31- November 3
Zazenkai in Seattle, with Jack Duffy, Hosted by Three Treasures Sangha9 - 10 November ( visit Three Treasures Sangha website for more information )