Calendar & Practice

Work Retreats

18 - 19 April 2020Opening Work Weekend
9 May 2020Work Day, In conjunction with Quiet Day in the Country, 10 May


Sati Retreats

In order to facilitate practice and settle the mind, Sati Retreats at Mountain Lamp are conducted wholly in friendly noble silence. In addition to walking meditation outdoors, Dharma Talks, and communal meals, we have periods of sitting and indoor walking meditation throughout the day. On retreat, we commit to participating in the full schedule in order to support each other in practice.

18 - 19 July 2020Entering Into Silence - For Beginning & Beyond

A Special Invitation for those Beginning Practice The Beginners Retreat offers the opportunity to establish ourselves in a practice of mindfulness, and learn the forms of this practice to support us in awareness throughout the day. We will practice sitting and walking mediation, both inside the meditation hall and outside in the last valley before the high peaks of the North Cascades. Everything we do, all our activities are imbued with awareness – walking, sitting, eating, working, listening. Although there will be instructions and opportunities for questions and sharing, we will hold the form in such a way that our bodies and mind calm and we can begin to touch our true nature and the nature of all that is.

All are invited to attend and those new to practice are particularly welcome. The retreat starts Saturday at 10am and finishes Sunday at 2pm. Full time attendance only.
20 - 25 June 2020Diamonds in the Rough Retreat, led by Eileen Kiera

On our two retreats this summer, we explore Hui Neng’s Platform Sutra.  In this sutra, Hui Neng tells the story of his awakening upon hearing the words of the Diamond Sutra.  On our first retreat, we look into the Diamond Sutra and apply it to our lives and the world we live in.  Calming our bodies and minds in meditation, we bring a diamond clarity that can cut through the noise of our busy everyday lives.  With bright awareness we can look into our situation in the world, developing a clear-eyed and compassionate response to what is right before us.
11 - 16 August 2020Nurturing the Body of Wisdom Retreat, led by Sheila Canal and Kate Marchevskova

In the Platform Sutra, Huí Neng, the 6th zen ancestor, invites us to understand our true nature - the goodness and purity of all that is.  In this time of division and hatred, what does it mean to walk the middle way, to trust in the wholeness of life as it unfolds moment by moment?  How do we touch the wisdom we already embody, the platform and foundation of who we really are?  Whether sitting or walking, standing or lying down, each moment on retreat we are supported in exploring the reality of our own lives and the life of the world around us.

Quiet Days of Practice

A quiet day is an invitation to put aside the busy-ness of our lives to experience the peace and freedom that are always available, both within and around us. We come together in friendly, companionable silence and allow the sound of the wind and the songs of the birds to nourish and restore us. We practice sitting and walking meditation, share a potluck vegetarian meal, enjoy a Dharma talk by one of our teachers and walk together in awareness through the wild and open beauty of the North Cascade foothills. We end the day with guided relaxation and Buddhist sutras, freely offering to all beings the benefits of our time together.

All are welcome. No experience is necessary.

Hours: 10am – 4pm

Please bring a vegetarian potluck dish to share

10 MayIn Conjunction with Work Day, 9 May!
26 September 2020

Sesshin & Zazenkai with Jack Duffy

4 - 11 April 2020Branching Moon Sesshin with Jack Duffy, hosted by Three Treasures Sangha
25 - 28 June 2020Great Vow Retreat with Jack Duffy
5 - 12 September 2020Broken Raven Sesshin with Jack Duffy
28 November - 6 December 2020Winter Bones Sesshin with Jack Duffy
TBA March 20204-Day Retreat in Spokane/Palouse with Jack Duffy
8 - 9 August 2020Zenkai in Seattle with Jack Duffy
TBA October 20204-Day Retreat with Jack Duffy in Spokane/Palouse
7 - 8 November 2020Zenkai in Seattle with Jack Duffy